The PILMIX and PILMIX PRO apps bring an innovative solution to the e-health medication safety
designed to meet the needs of patients and their health team by increasing their knowledge of medications.

PILMIX and PILMIX PRO will revolutionise the search for information.
For each question, the user will receive a validated, adapted and immediate answer.

PILMIX informs patients on questions as

  • Is the symptom I am experiencing due to my medication ?

  • Does my medication contain a substance to which I am allergic/intolerant ?

  • Could my medication be causing a sexual disorder ?

  • How should I take my medication ?

  • Am I taking the generic version of the medication ? 

  • Can my medication costs be reimbursed ?

  • Are other herbal remedies I take compatible with my medication ?

  • Can I expose myself to the sun while taking my medication ?

  • Is my medication compatible with my pregnancy ?

  • Is my medication compatible with breastfeeding ?

  • Can my child take this medication ?

  • Is my medication considered a doping product ?

PILMIX PRO informs professionals on questions as

  • Can the unusual symptom described by the patient be linked to its medication ?
  • Is there a severe contraindication between the patient’s medications ? Between the medications and  its physiopathological  state ?
  • Is the sexual problem described by the patient linked to its medications ?
  • Is there a specific substance in one or more of the patient’s medications which could cause complications for him ?
  • What are the generic and brand versions of a medication ?
  • What are the therapeutic equivalents of a medication ?
  • What professional skills are required to prescribe or deliver a medication ?
  • Will this medication be insured/reimbursed and under which conditions ?
  • What are the ways and regimens of administration of the medication ?
  • Can this medication be taken during pregnancy ?
  • Can this medication be taken while breastfeeding ?
  • Can this medication be prescribed to a child ?
  • Is this medicine on the list of doping substances ?
  • Is this medicine photosensitizing / phototoxic ?


PILMIX PRO, whenever possible, offers the health professional an equivalent medication that would not have the problematic side effect or would not contain the unwanted substance.

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